When you put up your house for sale, your aim is to sell it fast and at the BEST PRICE. In a real-estate market saturated of properties for sale, competing directly with yours, you might ask yourself: what can I do for my house to outstand among all the others? Lower the price? Before turning to the price reduction, you can try something that can be very effective: tune up your home or, as it is known in the real-estate marketing: home staging.

The FIRST IMPRESSION the customers have of your house is very important. Usually, the first contact is made through the internet. So it’s essential that the pictures are high quality, taken from open angles, covering as much space as possible in the room.

If they decide to visit it, have into account that they won’t visit only yours: customers view an average of four or five houses per visit and per estate agent, spending around 20 minutes in every house. This time period is not sufficient to take in the true value of your house: that’s why it’s so important that the first impression they have when they view your house in those 20 minutes is very good.

Thus, preparing your house so it becomes ATTRACTIVE is essential. It’s about presenting it in a way that customers feel comfortable at the look of it, they see themselves living there, and they don’t have to make huge efforts to imagine how it would look with their own personal touch. Because in a rapid viewing of the pictures in the internet they will reject it straightaway, and in a personal visit of 20 minutes they won’t have enough time to think about all this.

You should despersonalise spaces, give a modern touch, sobriety, neutrality, to achieve a good feeling in everyone that views it and address the customers attention to the most important: the real estate qualities.

How to obtain this? Remove the excess of furniture, pictures, junk; clear the rooms, paint in white (apart from being cheaper, it brings more luminosity and it’s more impersonal), decorate but in a minimalist way. It should look new, attractive, BRIGHT (this is the most important). And of course, take much care of the cleanness and tidiness.

In this way, you will optimise the presentation of your home, making it different from the others, and increase substantially the possibilities of selling your house before reducing the price.

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